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Posted by: Travis From: The Office
Please see this large FB post for important updates, thanks

Posted by: Travis From: The Office
We are excited to announce our next fund raising event - tickets are now available to join us in our party suite in Globe Life Park on July 30th as the Texas Rangers host the Kansas City Royals. Our suite will be air-conditioned and stocked with food and drink. There is also a special "Franchise Four" bobblehead give away that night. Tickets are only $80 and in limited supply - We'd love to see you there!
(This is going to be awesome!)
Posted by: Travis From: Here / There
Folks, if you're looking for something to do this Friday -- we're just two days out from our Jazz Night at Community Beers. Come join us for the evening to enjoy the music of Vandell Andrew and sample some of the brews on tap ($18 gets you in + 3 beers). Spend the evening with us or make it the jump-off point for a night out on the town. If you're already planning on joining us, let your friends know -- share the event with your buddies. We've got plenty of space and would love a big turn out.
Hope to see you there!
Posted by: Travis From: The Office
Posted some details about our upcoming Jazz + Beer event (April 15!). We are proud to announce that Vandell Andrew will be our featured performer. Make plans to join us at Community Beer for cool tunes and cold brews.
(do it!)
Posted by: Travis From: The Black
Another "save the date" to mark in your calendar: 5/21/16 when we will host a "classic" video game tournament here in Plano. More details to come -- but tourney winners can expect to take home nice bundles of systems+games from my own collection.
(Is PS2 considered "classic"?)
Posted by: Travis From: Out/about
More details soon, but for now, know that beer night is April 15th this year.
(aw yis)
Posted by: Travis From: Out/about
Been a long while, but expect some news about a cool (new) night out in the near future
(Like, in Arlington, TX ... Maybe)
Posted by: Travis From: out and about
I can't give any details, but we are now accepting all potential good vibes you have to spare.
Please and Thank you!
Posted by: Travis From: The Office
Just a head's up... will be dropping in the next few days to tweak things on the site, so if it looks weird or doesn't work, hopefully that is only for a minute or two...
Posted by: Travis From: The Office
At long last, a bit of news: we are in the planning stages for our next event, which will likely take place July 18th.

We aren’t quite ready to release full details, but we will be starting a search for artists to feature at the event. Things are still a bit fluid at this point, but our intent is to feature at least one artist in the following areas:
  • Graphic art - painting, drawing, photography, sculpture, etc
  • Musical performance - solo or band. The event space seems best suited to ‘unplugged’ music, but we can work on arrangements for amplification as need be
  • Written word - poetry, short fiction, etc
So, if you or someone you know will be in the Dallas area that weekend, and they’d like to show off their talents, shoot an email to social@beautifulmistakes.com with your/their name and a link to a sample of your/their work and we’ll be in touch.
More info to come. Cheers!
Posted by: Travis From: the black
Still dreaming
Posted by: Travis From: Winner's Circle
Well the votes have been tallied and we have the winners. Elsewhere by Ben Murray takes the Major prize as the favorite and The Bounty Hunter by Brad Weatherholt takes the Minor prize as a close second! We will be in touch with the winners soon to confirm prize delivery. Congratulations to all and thanks once again for making this our best film night ever!
(you guys rock)
Posted by: Travis From: the world
Selections have been made and we are gearing up for our film night next week (10/9). This year we are honored to feature 12 short films sent to us by filmmakers from across the US, Canada and Australia with genres ranging from music video, to documentary, to horror, to western, to thriller, to teen comedy -- this year is shaping up to be our best yet. Now's the time to secure your tickets - they are only $7.50 apiece! You can order your tickets to be sent to you online or to be held at will call. Get a group together and come out; your votes will determine which of our artists will win the major/minor prizes! And it's always great if/when you tell your friends -- the more people that attend, the more we can do for other artists. Help us enable art!

Posted by: Travis From: The Office
Hey guys, in case you didn't see it, the submission form for Film Night 2014 is live! Click here to read up on the details or here if you know it all already and just want to submit.
Good luck!
Posted by: Travis From: The void
Give me strength... I think we're going to do it again
(I think)
Posted by: Travis From: the Office
An important bit of news that we announced during our film night: last week we finally received word from the IRS that our 501(c)(3) exemption had been approved! So, if you've made a donation from 11/15/12 onward, that amount is considered tax deductible. So, on this fine Monday morning, why not consider helping us out by making a small contribution -- which you can find in our store -- we appreciate all your support (financial or otherwise)!
Posted by: Travis From: Ballot Central
Well the votes are in.... and we have a bit of a tie. Only 2 votes separated the first place video from the two tied for second place. So, we have decided to award 1 major prize to Gordon Williams/Wyatt Cagel for 'Not Like the Commercials' and 2 minor prizes to Jesse Salazar/ icelee Russell for 'big-fish-little-pond' and Darci McFerran for 'Recreational Indiscretions' -- we'll be in touch shortly about award delivery logistics. Congratulations to all and thanks for making this event a success!
Posted by: Travis From: Out and About
Hey guys, due to personal scheduling issues, we are moving the film night to Sept 5th; which means you have a few extra weeks to send us submissions! If you've been on the fence, why not take a minute and submit your short film today?
(Do it)
Posted by: Travis From: Late Night
IRS update: I'll spare the details, but got confirmation that we are finally making progress with our exemption application.
Posted by: Travis From: The Office
So, just in case you missed it, here is a small update in regards to this year's film night. As of now, we are open for submissions.
So get on it
Posted by: Travis From: The Office
More correspondence from the IRS; more info that we need to provide... Oh well, progress is progress!
Posted by: Travis From: The Office
Gathering energy for Film Night 2013...
(need good vibes)
Posted by: Travis From: Midnight Nightlight
So, we finally heard back from the IRS. Unsurprisingly, they are asking for some more info... so, while we're putting that together for them to review, we are enjoying the comforting thought that at least we weren't rejected outright. Hopefully we have a final decision here in a couple of few.
(Then we can really do some fun stuff)
Posted by: Travis From: Around
So. The IRS website says they are working on exemption applications received Feb '12... we sent ours in April '12, so they should be getting around to ours by Feb '13, right?
Posted by: Travis From: The Office
Actually, kind of embarrassed that it took this long, but beautifulmistakes.org is a thing now. For the moment, it just mirrors the existing site, but I plan to use it to talk more about the charity side of our work.
Posted by: Travis From: The Office
Give our latest podcast a listen, wherein I talk to one of my favorite bands. I sit down w/ Arone and Aron from Buke and Gase to talk about their distinct brand of music, topics that might concern someone trying to get started in music making, and why wasabi peas and flamin' hot cheetos are delicious.
(still can't believe I got to talk to them)
Posted by: Travis From: The Office
Hey there, late night people. Once again, you get to be the first to listen to our latest podcast.

I'm really excited about this one; Tom Ford (film-maker, awesome guy) sat down to talk to me about transitioning to film after another successful career, tips for getting started and other good stuff.
Posted by: Travis From: The Office
Hey, here's a preview episode of the podcast. I talk to Laura Erickson about painting, it's pretty great.
Give it a listen!
Posted by: Travis From: uStream
In case you missed in, we recorded the rebroadcast of the event (this time with extra bonus films!) A little more than 3 hours worth of awesome right here:
Part I
Part II

(a little bit of the last film was dropped transitioning between part I and part II; apparently we hit the time limit on a single uStream recording)
Posted by: Travis From: Award Podium
The votes are in, the winner is: Sandstone by Andy Jarosz! Congratulations, Andy, you get $200! We'll be in touch shortly. Honorable mention to Lance Karasti for Filmmaker.
Thanks for everyone who participated!
Posted by: Travis From: Up too late
Hey Night Owls, Check out the Film Fest page to see our scheduled films for our film night (and you get first crack at pre-ordering your tickets).

Also this:

Posted by: Travis From: Mobile
the IRS sent confirmation of our application for tax exempt status, so hopefully we should have a determination by the end of July
[fingers crossed]
Posted by: Travis From: Mobile
First walkthru @ the Angelika. This is going to be awesome!
Posted by: Travis From: Mobile
Picked up my books for World Book Night at A Real Bookstore tonight! So, 4/23, we'll be passing out free copies of The Stand
Posted by: Travis From: Mobile
Re: the film fest- We've had a bunch of awesome submissions so far. The only one that's missing is yours! We'll try to accommodate as many films as we can, but the schedule is filling up quick.
(get on it!)
Posted by: Travis From: The Office
Hey there, important news about the Film Festival... go check out the announcement page!
Posted by: Travis From: The Office
I'll just leave this here then
Posted by: Travis From: The Office
Here is a new podcast.

This week, we revisit our conversation with Chris Hamm; we talk about his writing method, Judaism, political discourse, treating people like people instead of idiots and more!
Posted by: Travis From: Recording Bay
Just finished a recorded call with our next featured artist, Laura Erickson. We talked about paintings and sea life and all sorts of cool stuff.
Can't wait for everyone to hear it!
Posted by: Travis From: Out and About
Hey there, perhaps you would enjoy listening to our latest podcast? This week I return to my interview with Marisa Butler -- a very interesting lady. we talk about all sorts of things: art school, making art a part of your life, embarrassing jobs I had in college, life in New York, how President Obama smells, you know -- usual stuff.
Posted by: Travis From: The Office
We’re starting something of an experiment today; we now have a real life phone number that you can call at anytime and leave us a message.

Want to read us a story? Or sing us a song? Or tell us how much our last podcast sucked? Give us a call at (972) 535-MIST (6478) and you’ll have about 10 minutes to record your message.

Maybe we’ll include it on a podcast. Or maybe we’ll get back in touch and we’ll do a full-blown feature. Who knows? We’re crazy like that.
Posted by: Travis From: Edit Bay
Hey there, here is a new podcast. In this episode, I do a handful of readings from my journal, reflecting on my son's first year of life (and a little while before). FYI: there's some frank language in there, so give it a listen before sharing with sensitive ears.
Posted by: Travis From: The Lab
Issue 2 Cover, version Beta

Posted by: Travis From: The Field
Hey, Kindle owners, why not stroll over to Amazon and check out the e version of the magazine?
(Epub version, hopefully to follow)
Posted by: Travis From: Edit Bay
Hey, how about a New Podcast? It features me reading a couple of pieces that more or less explain why it has been so long since I published a podcast.
Posted by: Travis From: The Office
Next writer's workshop (with me and Chris Hamm) is scheduled for 1/31 @ 8:30 PM. We're accepting submissions until 1/27, come join us!
(do it!)
Posted by: Travis From: The Workshop
A highly enjoyable workshop with Chris Hamm was had this evening. For me (at least), the workshop was a great kick in the pants to write something new and was coupled with highly valued feedback from a fellow writer. We'd love to have you at the next one, which will take place 1/16 @ 2 Central on G+ hangout. Accepting submissions until 1/13!
Do it!
Posted by: Travis From: The Office
Today is the cut-off for submissions for our first writer's workshop. We are doing it Jan 5 @ 6 Central via Skype. If you'd like to join, e-mail social@beautifulmistakes.com and we'll get in touch.
More writing in 2012!
Posted by: Travis From: Around
Resolving to write more in 2012? Start the year off right; join Chris Hamm and I for an on-line writer’s workshop Jan 5 @ 6PM Central. Leave a comment or e-mail social@beautifulmistakes.com if you are interested – any and all are welcome. We are accepting writing submissions up until Jan 2.
(Bring a friend!)
Posted by: Travis From: Around
Got a piece of writing that you'd like to workshop? Join Chris Hamm and I for an on-line writer's session Jan 5th (around 6 PM Central)! If you're interested, let us know: comment below or e-mail social@beautifulmistakes.com and let us know if you prefer to use Skype, Google+ Hangout, conference call, etc. I'll post info on how to join when we have that ironed out. All are welcome - bring a friend, feel free to join even if you didn't RSVP. If you want a piece reviewed, please get in touch by Jan 2nd so the group will have time to compile, distribute and read the submissions before the meeting.
Hope to see you there!